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Best lifts in figure skating


Best lifts in figure skating

Best lifts in figure skating are a required component in combine skating and ice dancing. Sets lifts differ from dance lifts most strikingly in that dancers are not permitted to lift their accomplices over their shoulders. Lifts are likewise executed by synchronized skating teams in the free program in the rivalry, as a feature of development in detachment requirement. 


Dance lifts

 Dance lifts are differentiated by the other best lifts in figure skating used. There are seven types of lifts affirmed for ISU rivalries. Dance lifts have turned out to be increasingly athletic. 


Short lifts

 These lifts may last up to six seconds in rivalry on the senior stage. 

Stationary Lift – A lift performed "on the spot." The lifting accomplice does not move over the ice, but rather is permitted to turn. 

 Straight line lift – It accomplice moves in a straight line over the ice. This lift might be performed on one foot or two. 

Bend lift – It accomplice moves along a bend over the ice. This lift might be carried out on one foot or two. 

Rotational lift – It accomplice turns in one bearing while at the same time traveling over the ice. 


Long lifts

 Long lifts may last up to ten seconds in rivalry on the senior level. 

 Turn around rotational lift – The lifting accomplice pivots in one heading, then switches and pivots in the other course, while traveling over the ice. 

 Serpentine lift – The lifting accomplice moves in a serpentine example over the ice. 

 Combination Lift – A lift composes of two of the four short lifts. Each piece of the lift must be completely settled. 



 Each position must be held for no less than three seconds to mean levels. Each position is allowed just once a program. 


Program requirements

 Best lifts in figure skating set down length necessities for lifts in programs and skaters are punished if a lift continues for a long time. 



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