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Crazy Marathon Races


Crazy Marathon Races

A race can be made as challenging as the organizers choose to make it. Sometimes those who consider themselves as the hardest of hardcore decide to try something unique and engage in races that have a crazy element in them. Here are the crazy marathon races in the world.

Burro Days, Fairplay

It is a race in Colorado which pays homage to the state's mining history and involves running over mountain trails leading a burro with a rope. The race is 29 miles long and it includes an elevation gain of 3,000 feet. Cruelty is not allowed in this race.

North America wife carrying championships

A race held in Maine where a man carries a woman over an obstacle course. The participating couple doesn't have to be married and how the woman is carried is for the couple to decide. The winning team is awarded beer equivalent to the weight of the wife, cash that is five times her weight and they get to participate in the world championship which is held in Finland.

New York hot dog challenge

It takes place in Manhattan and entails running for between 2 and 5 miles where runners are supposed to stop and eat a hot dog on the sidewalk before resuming the run. A participant must eat the whole hot dog before resuming the race. Those who vomit are disqualified.

Krispy Kreme challenge

It goes down in North Carolina and runners stop to eat krispy kreme doughnuts just like hot dogs are eaten in the New York race. The doughnuts are taken at a 5-mile turnaround. Awards are given to those who eat the doughnut and then make it back to the finishing line in less than an hour.

Cinque Mulini

Takes place in Italy. Cinque mulini in Italian means "five mills" in honor of the five watermills which are along the course of the race. The course changes from time to time but it involves running through one of the watermills.

Crystal Mine Marathon

This race takes place in Sondershausen, Germany. Participants run through an old salt mine that is about 1600 feet underground.The course of the race is dark and the running surface has rocks and other hard matter. Runners are supposed to run eight laps.

Well, if you thought that the races that take place in the Olympics are extraordinary now you know that there exist crazy marathon races. To run in these crazy races you require more than running skill; you have to be strong and courageous. 

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