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Hollywood Car Racing Movies


Hollywood Car Racing Movies

Who doesn't like a good car racing movie, with tense atmosphere till the very end of it? You're asking yourself who's going to win all the time, is driver doing a good job by pushing the break instead of pushing the gas and the feeling of excitement fills the whole room! Adrenaline is what these movies are all about, so if you are an adrenaline addict, here are some fantastic Hollywood car racing movies you should not miss:1. All Fast & Furious movies – this is a series of 8 movies, legendary ones among all of the car racing movies. Once you see the first one, you probably won't rest until you see all the parts. It's an exciting story about illegal street races and dangerous heists that will leave you breathless!2. Days of Thunder (1990) – a fantastic story about a young racer who is chasing his dream and worked very hard in order to make the dream become reality. Starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, made by producers of "Top Gun", this movie is an absolute piece of art when it comes to car racing movies. We all know how good Top Gun was, so if you are both airplanes and cars lover, this is the right thing for you.3. Death Race (2008) – a story about an ex-con, portrayed by Jason Statham, it's a remake of a movie from 1975. This movie brings this genre to a whole another level, with tons of adrenaline-full scenes and exciting chases through the streets.4. Rush (2013) – is a real-life tale about two highly skilled drivers and biggest Formula 1 rivals, James Hunt and Niki Lauda. It tells you everything about their commitment to their one and only love – cars. 5. Need for Speed (2014) – we all played this game at least once during our childhood, or maybe some of us kept playing it to this day. A well-known racer, who's fresh out of jail, comes back to the streets and once again shows who's the boss. A must watch!

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