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Lebron James Suspended For Groin Kick

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Lebron James Suspended For Groin Kick

James delivered a kick to Iguodala’s groin area that went unnoticed by NBA officials during the flurry of activity in the final seconds of GSW game 3 victory.  But the people of the internet certainly noticed and now they are calling out for action against Lebron.

The NBA has taken no official position on the play, though it will be evaluated as part of the leagues report. With this now in highlight Lebron is going to face retroactive punishment including a flagrant foul. This will lead to a suspension in the beginning of the new season for Lebron James.

The anger from the internet is that Green was suspended last season from Game 5 of the finals after replay showed he punched James in the groin area during a heated exchange. The Cavaliers went on winning the game and the series. This has angered folks saying that because of his superstar status he is immune to suspensions.


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